• Assist you in navigating the special education system
  • Develop IEP's, 504 plans and transition plans
  • Ensure goals are measurable and realistic



  • Review of all school and private provider reports
  • Classroom observations of your child/children
  • Review all communications between you and the school district
  • Refer you to other agencies for therapies (ABA, speech, academic tutoring, neuropsychological, psychological assessment, and brain injury evaluation)

Advocacy Services

Your ally in advocating for your child's rights to a FREE and appropriate Education


  • Explain your child's needs in plain, layman's speech to the Family Law Court
  • Prepare your records as exhibits for submission to the Family Law Court
  • Monitor and review IEP's, 504 plans and transition plans for data-based progress and compliance
  • Promote inclusion and mainstreaming for all students with special needs
  • Attend meetings as your ally with the school district and Regional Center
  • Coach you to advocate for your child/children on your own


  • Work with a family law attorney to coordinate your child's needs
  • Assist in writing your declaration using your child's school records, your calendars and your personal anecdotal notes​

Paralegal Services

In addition to the above: